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Most Americans Support Marijuana Legalization and the End to Pot Prohibition

Most Americans Support Marijuana Legalization and the End to Pot Prohibition

One of the nation’s most reliable survey providers, General Social Survey, released the results of its survey on the American acceptance of pot. They questioned 1,680 people, asking if they agreed with legalizing marijuana. Of those asked, 51.7 percent are in favor of marijuana reform and legalizations, 41.7 percent are against it, while those still undecided on the issue ranked in at 6.6 percent. Last year marked a popular adjustment in the way Americans favorably view the use of pot in the U.S.

Director of the General Social Survey, Tom W. Smith, said that since the 70’s, they have been gauging the mindset of the public’s position regarding pot legalization. Since the first survey was conducted in 1973, the American public has increasingly shown support for marijuana legalization over the years. 1987 showed the lowest tolerance, with only 15.6 percent in favor of pot use. Marijuana Policy Project’s communications manager Morgan Fox believes that the higher acceptance rates seen over the past decade reflects the dissatisfaction Americans feel over the public being criminalized for using a substance that has been scientifically proven to be safer than alcohol.

According to Zeca Oliviera, the days of the idiotic “Reefer Madness” point of view and the impression that post is a gateway drug to bigger and badder substance abuse is quickly fading away. Colorado is a prime example of the benefits that medical as well as recreational pot use has socially and economically. Americans are speaking out, and they want pot prohibition to end.