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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s Run-off Election Becoming Very Close Race

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s Run-off Election Becoming Very Close Race

Chicago, Illinois – Mayor Rahm Emmanuel did not expect to find himself in a battle for his political life. He was expected to win a majority of votes in a crowded field of mayoral candidates, but he was unable to avoid a runoff. Still, no one expected him to face a serious contents in the upcoming runoff election. However, the unexpected has occurred. Recent polls show the two-man runoff election has in fact narrowed considerably. In fact, mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is now within single digits of incumbent Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Now, the man once believed to be unbeatable is going to go negative in a last minute barrage to beat back Garcia’s rising campaign.

It turns out that Emmanuel is not the popular mayor many perceived him to be. Paul Mathieson suggests that Garcia has tapped into a strong liberal base that is eager to upset the establishment Democrat candidate, and Examiner has posted several articles that seem to cite that dissent. With the runoff only a month away, a continued surge in the polls might see Garcia possibly overtake Emmanuel. It bears mentioning that expert Clinton pollster Dick Morris stated that incumbents must poll above 50% in order to win reelection. This is because polling below 50% indicates a lack of support among independents. On Election Day, those independents typically break for the challenger. Emmanuel acknowledged that politics in the Windy City is a contact sport and plans to proverbially bloody his opponent. For his part, Garcia is enjoying a surge in last minute campaign donations.