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White House Frets Over Upcoming Netanyahu Speech Before Congress

White House Frets Over Upcoming Netanyahu Speech Before Congress

Washington, D.C. – The Obama administration is fretting over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of congress. Despite President Obama’s claims that he would usher in an era of transparency, the president has relied upon a lack of it to push through key initiatives such as his signature health care law. It appears that he is likewise averse to having the American public know the details of his negotiations with Iran over their nuclear uranium enrichment program. Critics of the president charge that he is being naive with regards to Iran, an international sponsor of terrorism.

On Monday, Israeli officials sent the Obama administration into full damage control after they announced that Netanyahu plans to reveal sensitive information regarding the Iran negotiations involving Western nations including Britain, Germany, and France. Secretary of State John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, admitted that Netanyahu can damage the negotiations if he reveals sensitive information. To that extent, the Obama administration has admonished Netanyahu to not disclose information that may adversely impact the ongoing diplomacy with Iran.

It is uncertain how much heed the Israeli chancellor will pay to the president’s warnings. The Real Deal reports that Netanyahu is well aware that Iran recently orchestrated the over throw of a key US ally harboring former Gitmo detainees. Iran has been waging proxy wars against Israel through their front group Hezbollah. It may be that the Israeli leader views no deal as better than a capitulation to Iran.