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Politics Aside, CPAC Taking Cues from the Left in a Training Session

Politics Aside, CPAC Taking Cues from the Left in a Training Session

Despite the historic gains the GOP made in the recent midterm elections, Conservatives acknowledge that the political left has been far more adept at campaigning skills and have a thing or two to teach the political right. In a range of issues from get-out-the-vote efforts, voter registration, data collection, and social media, the left has been more effective at advancing their agenda. Flavio Maluf said much the same as with Super PACs a decade ago, the Left has made key inroads with conservatives lagging years behind in order to catch up.

This week, the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is hosting a training session for upcoming political operatives. The bedrock conservative organization is taking training tactics straight out of the political handbook used by liberals. Ned Ryan, CEO for the conservative PAC “American Way”, admits that the training agenda has nothing to do with the policies of the left. Quite frankly, Ryan admits he does not espouse their ideology at all. That said, he admires their effective political tactics and is eager to see conservatives implement them as well.

The timing of the training is excellent. The recent midterm elections saw a significant percentage of the millennial vote shift from Democrats to the GOP. In addition, the party has a new generation of zealous young adults eager to get involved in politics. Ryan sees the current training as the culmination of a personal endeavor to get CPAC to modernize their training methods.