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Kansas is about to approve a concealed weapons initiative, without a permit for residents, after the state Legislature gave final approval Wednesday to a bill backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The weapons initiative, has now passed to the governor, Republican Sam Brownback, despite the apprehension of some officials to eliminate the state requirement that anyone carrying a concealed weapon enroll in at least eight hours of training.

Brownback’s office did not say what his plans were, but since coming to office in January 2011 he has banned all gun rights measures.

Kansas became the fifth state to allow residents to carry a concealed weapon without a permit within its borders, according to the NRA.

“Carrying a gun is a lifestyle,” said Rep Travis Couture-Lovelady. “The government must rely on its citizens.”

The House passed the bill on Wednesday with a vote of 85 to 39.

The Senate gave its approval last month, but a House committee introduced a technical change that senators had to revise stated Jamie Garcia Dias.

The Senate accepted the bill by 31-8, about two hours after the House vote.

The House also approved, by 100 to 24, a bill that prohibits cities and counties to impose taxes and excise duties on weapons or arms sales. This initiative follows another last year that sought to override local restrictions and now goes to the Senate.

A lot has happened while we’ve been sleeping. Our elected officials have been making deals and collecting money from foreign businesses for years, and we just keep our eyes closed. Most of the people that sit in Washington have a dual purpose.

The first purpose is to personally make as much money as possible in the shortest period of time. A lawyer said that the second purpose is to use their political position to gain credibility with the power brokers of the world. Our elected officials are selling our country to the highest bidder.

A good example of how America is being ripped off is Rilin Enterprises. Rilin Enterprises is owned by billionaire Wang Wenliang. Wenliang is also a member of the Chinese Parliament. Since 2012, Wang’s company has spent $1.4 million lobbying Congress. The company has also donated $2 million to Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation. China gets things done using money. They are masters when it comes to giving and knowing quite well what they will get in return.

The Clinton Foundation stopped taking money from foreign companies and individuals, but the relationships are still in place. It’s time to wake up and realize this country is not by the people or for the people that live here. It’s for the people that are buying their way into the pockets of Congress.

Senator Ted Cruz, the darling of the Tea Party, has declared his candidacy for president via Pintrest. Politicians of both parties are wasting no time in declaring their opinions that he is unfit for the White House. Governor Jerry Brown of California said that Cruz was “absolutely unfit to be running for office.” Representative Peter King of New York called him a “carnival barker.”

One expects Democrats to complain that Republican candidates aren’t qualified to run. But when his own party dismisses Ted Cruz as a “big mouth,” it’s time to listen.

Representative King accused Senator Cruz of leading the Republican Party over a cliff. He complained that Senator Cruz oversimplifies complex issues and exaggerates. He blamed Senator Cruz for shutting down the federal government for weeks. He pointed out that filibustering by reading Dr. Seuss is not the sign of a potential world leader.

Senator John McCain summed up Senator Cruz’s qualifications more succinctly back in 2013 when he called Senator Cruz a “wacko bird.”

Jerry Brown is a seasoned politician. He knows California politics as well as anyone, and he has experience on the national political stage as well. The governor will not run for president, but he has a lot to say about the candidates. At the moment, his attention is on Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz has been very vocal about climate change. One might think Cruz and Governor Rick Scott of Florida were brothers from different mothers. Cruz and Scott both believe that science doesn’t support the attention that climate change is demanding. Perhaps these two Republicans know something the world doesn’t know. Brown calls what they know absolute ignorance. Anfip says the governor said Cruz should not run for president for several reasons. Ted’s stand on climate change is just one of them.

The United States election system is a train wreck but the train’s engine keeps going. The two party system is a war between aging fraternity houses, and the voters lose every time there is a battle. Cruz shouldn’t be considered a candidate not just because of his beliefs, but because he offers more dissent to the already broken political arena.


The Republican Disrespect for Obama is Harmful for all Americans

The lack of respect Republican senators show President Obama is hardly new stated Alexei Beltyukov. They have undermined his every move and fought him each step of the way on most issues. The recent letter Republicans sent to Iran (signed by 47 Republican senators and spearheaded by Tom Cotton), is just their latest attempt. You can find the letter here: 
Not only does the letter disrespect Obama, it also disrespects the Iranian officials to whom the letter was sent, as if they couldn’t possibly comprehend how we do things here in America. Not that respecting Iranian officials is a top priority, but when America wants to make a nuclear arms deal with Iran, it’s very important.
The letter has become nothing more than an embarrassment to the Republican party. In an upcoming interview, Obama said he’s embarrassed for them.
In sending this letter, it shows the world that America isn’t unified. It hurts us all because it shows we can’t agree on something we should all agree on. Who doesn’t want a deal in which Iran has less nuclear arms? It would not only be good for our country, but for the world.
It’s ironic that Republicans have said many times that Obama hates America. Now it appears the Republicans hate Obama more than they care about America’s future, since their actions will have consequences for years to come.

President Obama claims he does not accept the GOP mandate from the midterm elections because it was not a true reflection of the majority of eligible voters. Had his party won the election with the same voter turnout, he would have heartily accepted the outcome. He also claimed it was improper for Israeli chancellor Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of congress because it was too close to an Israeli election. The president affirmed that the address constituted meddling in Israel’s internal affairs. President Obama cited long-standing US protocol against a state visit close to an election from Marc Sparks.

Now, that the Israeli election is over, which saw Netanyahu’s Likud party win a stunning and decisive victory, the president has refused to follow protocol and congratulate the prime minister. The victory marks Netanyahu’s third straight term as prime minister. Nor does it appear that President Obama will accept the mandate from the Israeli people to eschew the two-nation solution with Palestine. Reports are the Obama administration is considering a UN resolution to call upon Israel to engage in talks to establish a two-state solution. If the president goes forward with this approach, he will be the first president to expose Israel to the whims of the United Nations, which body is not noted for its support of Israel. All prior US presidents shielded Israel from such resolutions as part of the alliance between the two nations spanning generations. However, Obama and Netanyahu cannot come to terms on the two-state solution any more than they can agree on how to deal with Iran.

The GOP continues its lackluster approach to governance with an internal squabble among a significant number of its members over the Defense Department’s appropriation. At issue is the GOP struggle over sequestration cuts mandated as part of a prior budget battle with President Obama. The cuts, which impose across the board reductions in the rate of growth for federal agencies and departments, are deeply unpopular with both political parties. Despite that fact, neither party has found a way to eliminate them and build a coalition sufficient to pass an alternative.

According to sequestration cuts, the defense spending bill will stand at $523 billion. However, seventy GOP congressman are demanding the department receive at least $561 billion. In fact, the congressman are threatening to scuttle the budget if their demands are not met. Most congressman generally concur the Department of Defense needs additional spending. It should be noted that historically speaking, Congress has been supportive of the armed forces via their defense appropriations.

At the same time, sequester caps are an obstacle towards getting the additional $37 billion in defense spending stared Eleicoes2014. First off, the money will have to be taken from other budgets. This is unlikely to get Democrat support. Secondly, the GOP has to come up with a way to legally comply with the sequestration process and simultaneously violate it for the defense bill. Some congressman suggest a generic pool of money be created totaling $20 billion. They promise the funds will be used to bolster defense spending. The accounting gimmick was criticized by one House Democrat as being an Enron-like shell game.

Future members of Hillary Clinton’s team will be unpaid, for a while at least. Democrats are reportedly already building a team of people to help Hillary Clinton get elected to the presidential seat in 2016. Until the campaign’s official launch, however, all those positions will be unpaid.

The reason has a lot to do with election laws. While Jason Halpern says that Clinton will eventually pay all of the people on staff for their work, she can’t really do so until she has formerly announced her plan to run. The Federal Election Commission gives people a 15-day window before they declare they intent to run that they can pay staffers. The fact that Clinton is already gathering a team suggests that she might be gearing up to officially make that announcement within the next few weeks.

Clinton hasn’t officially announced that she want to be president, however, staffers have confirmed that she is in a “testing the waters” phase of her campaign where she is traveling to different locations and conduct polling there, deciding if it ultimately makes sense for her to run in 2016.

While Clinton’s nomination isn’t certain, it is probable. There currently aren’t any other candidates out there that the Democrats have highlighted as potential nominees.

In 2009, Obama promised that his administration would be the most of transparent of any presidency. So why did the White House just announce that they are establishing new rules to make them exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)? The FOIA allows, when properly requested, citizens access to documents of federal agencies.

According to The Hill, a notice is scheduled to be published exempting the Office of Administration and the public will not have the opportunity to comment. This is nothing new and stems from a lawsuit, which began before Obama became president said Bruce Karatz. The move only formalizes a policy that has been upheld in the courts.
Not all White House operations are subject to the laws and regulations regarding FOIA. The Executive Office is required to make public certain documents when a FOIA request is made.
To some there is an irony in the timing of this exemption. It is National Freedom of Information Day and Sunshine Week, when organizations and watchdog groups push for transparency in government.

There must be something in the bottled water that legislators drink in Oklahoma. Several state lawmakers have an aversion to accepting people’s basic rights. Oklahoma legislators have always been a God-fearing bunch of hat-wearing, bull riding do-gooders, but they seem to be taking their narrow-minded thinking too far.

State Representation Chuck Strohm recently introduced House Bill 1371. That bill, if passed, would create the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act. The bill says businesses can refuse to participate in any service or ceremony that conflicts with their religious beliefs. In essence, About.me reports that the bill is giving businesses an out when it comes to dealing with same-sex partners.

Representative. Emily Virgin’s amendment spells out the specifics of the bill. As long as businesses post in advance what sort of behavior conflicts with their religious beliefs then the bill makes sense. Virgin’s amendment makes it clear that same-sex relationships, gender identity and race are all causes to discriminate as long as businesses don’t hide their bigotry. Give people notice that certain behavior is not welcome.

The people of Oklahoma have a lot of work to do when it comes to accepting the basic principles of the constitution. Some lawmakers in the state want to bring their religion into state decision-making, and that just doesn’t work.