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Republican Activist Group Calls Jeb Bush “Unelectable”

Republican Activist Group Calls Jeb Bush “Unelectable”

Though many republicans are ecstatic about a Jeb Bush run in the 2016 presidential campaign as you can see from YouTube, Ricardo Guimarães says that other republicans aren’t so sure. A grassroots republican organization, with more than 6,000 members called Bush “unelectable.” The group point to a video of Hillary Clinton and Bush on the eve of the first anniversary of the Benghazi attacks.

The video is related to an awards ceremony, in which Bush awarded Clinton a lifetime of public service award. Bush is seen thanking Clinton, and saying, “We are united by a love of country and public service.” The award was presented to Clinton by the National Constitution Center. Bush, as chairman of the center, presented the award. During the ceremony Clinton called special attention to Bush, and thanked him. The activist group, led by Brent Bozell, feels the fact Bush presented Clinton with the award on the first eve of the first anniversary of Benghazi attacks is significant.

They feel so strongly that Bush is unelectable that they sent a video to their members reminding them Bush presented the award to Clinton. Bush awarding Clinton an award is controversial since many conservatives feel Clinton lied about Benghazi. They also blame lack of security at the Benghazi American Embassy on Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time. The group says Bush as no credibility to criticize Clinton, and Clinton will use the video against him during the 2016 presidential race.