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Is It Time to Do Away with the Department of Homeland Security?

Is It Time to Do Away with the Department of Homeland Security?

Budget battles are in full swing in Congress, and some are saying that our national security is being put in jeopardy. In the wake of a threatened shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security(DHS), accusations and blame are going back and forth between senators and representatives of both parties about whose fault it will be if a shutdown happens. Meanwhile, there are those who seriously question why this department still exists, or why it was even created in the first place. An excellent article on Vox.com analyzes the history of this department and has cataloged its failure to solve the problems and threats it was supposed to handle. It was created to centralize the federal government’s anti-terror efforts, but it has ended up inefficiently duplicating such efforts.

There were many people surprised, like Alexei Beltyukov, at the recommendation of a new department in response to the attacks of September 11th, 2001. According to Twitter, we already have a Department of Defense and the FBI and a Central Intelligence Agency. After the attacks were investigated, it came out that we had intelligence that might have enabled us to prevent the attacks. The problem was that national security and law enforcement agencies were not communicating with each other, and that the information was not being put together to uncover possible actions against us. It is hard to see how creating more bureaucracy would foster communication between agencies and apparently, it has not.