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Heads Continue Rolling at the Secret Service

Heads Continue Rolling at the Secret Service


Congressman Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is making good on his pledge to clean house at the Secret Service. The congressman is working closely with whistleblowers to focus his committee’s attention on those federal agencies most in need of reform. Rep. Chaffetz recently stated that no agency has had more whistleblowers step forward than the Secret Service. Chaffetz made it clear that he was setting his sights on the number #2 official at the agency who is the lone remaining leader prior to the outset of key security breaches. On Monday, the congressman got his wish fulfilled when Deputy Director A.T. Smith stepped down from his post. Smith has accepted another position at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which will allow him to continue his 29-year career as a federal employee.

Chaffetz has made it clear he wants the next director of the agency to be an outsider who can bring in a fresh perspective. In addition to new management, the Secret Service will need more personnel, a larger budget, and more training thinks Susan McGalla. This past September, a random person was able to jump the fence at the White House and make it inside the East Room before agents bum rushed him. President Obama also inadvertently rode the elevator at the CDC with an armed contractor due to another security lapse by the Secret Service. Also, someone flew a drone onto the White House lawn.