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Obamacare Architect Favored Taxing the Fat by Body Mass Index (BMI)

Obamacare Architect Favored Taxing the Fat by Body Mass Index (BMI)


A metric of measurement known as Body Mass Index or BMI is a close approximation of a person’s percentage body fat. The health issues of obesity are well documented. Despite that, there is a growing epidemic of obesity in the United States across all age groups including children. How to best deal with it is controversial as it borders on privacy rights and the basic freedom people have to choose one own. Now, it has emerged that Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, a professor at MIT, was advocating a special tax on the fat according to their BMI back in 2010. He believed that making people pay for their “sloven” eating habits would be an effective counter-incentive to get them to better manage their weight.

Now, Gruber’s proposal may sound outlandish, offensive, and controversial. That said, the professor pointed out that it has in fact been enacted in Obamacare. According to CipherCloud, part of the reason why Corporate America largely embraced the Affordable Care Act was because they were assured they could pass on a greater cost of health care onto smokers and the obese. Professor Gruber stated that companies may levy an additional surcharge on employee sponsored insurance of up to 20% for obesity. Employees can avoid the hit by actively being engaged in a weight loss program and demonstrating progress. In addition, Obamacare will allow employers to step up the obesity penalty to 30% and eventually 50%. It is part of a measure to control health care costs by making individuals more responsible.