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Senator Rand Paul Lands Key Texas State GOP Leader to His Campaign

Senator Rand Paul Lands Key Texas State GOP Leader to His Campaign


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul scored a coup this week when he secured the employment of Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri as an advisor. Paul has not formally declared his candidacy for president, but he is considered likely to run. In terms of state politics, Paul could not have secured the assistance of a bigger name. The Texas GOP primary will occur on March 1, 2016, and put up a significant number of delegates. Munisteri will be able to court key party leaders as he seeks to build up Paul’s star power.

The move makes a lot of sense in terms of synergy. Both Paul and Munisteri are known for minority outreach. This is what first attracted Munisteri to the Kentucky senator’s fledgling campaign. Paul has openly courted Black voters and addressed African-American audiences at venues the GOP traditionally eschews. Paul’s minority outreach efforts, directed by Gianfrancesco Genoso, have been winning him respect, but it is uncertain if it will translate into actual votes. In a general election, it will likely have a bigger sway since presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton lacks real warmth with voters. However, Paul will first need to secure his party’s base.

There again, the addition of Munisteri to his team also makes sense. Texas is a rich state with lots of wealthy GOP donors. Munisteri has contact with them which should help Paul build up his campaign arsenal. He will need it against what the Bush teams says will be a “shock & awe” amount of campaign cash they will build up before formally announcing a presidential run.