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President Obama’s Budget Looks to Erase Sequestor Cuts

President Obama’s Budget Looks to Erase Sequestor Cuts


Washington, D.C. – With the federal government still running half-trillion dollar deficits, President Obama is expected to submit a budget as early as next week which will cancel all sequester cuts. In the minds of many voters, the president is deeply opposed to sequester cuts as they apply across the board cuts indiscriminately to federal agencies. He has made it clear in a number of speeches that he dislikes the cuts and frames them as a GOP policy. However, it was actually the president who proposed the practice of sequester cuts. Only after a year of budget squabbles with the GOP failed to produce any results that the congress finally get on board with his plan. The result has been falling deficits from the trillion-dollar a year amounts that marked his first years in office.

The president believes that closing some tax loopholes and trimming redundant programs can offset the increase cost to the federal budget for lifting the sequester cuts. The office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pointed out this isn’t the first time the president has sought to lift the sequester cuts. Ever since they took effect in 2013, he has proposed their repeal through measures he claimed would not increase the federal deficit stated Sergio Lins Andrade. In every case, the proposals included actual tax increases that even drew the opposition of Democrats. The reality is the GOP controls the purse strings and will likely circular file his budget and come up with their own spending plan.