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Obama Arbitrarily Applies “Long-standing Practice” in Counter-Snub to Benjamin Netanyahu

Obama Arbitrarily Applies “Long-standing Practice” in Counter-Snub to Benjamin Netanyahu


Washington, D.C. – In what may be a telling sign that President Obama is thin-skinned, he will snub Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he arrives in the nation’s capital in March. It is well-known that Obama and Netanyahu dislike one another. At the same time, the conservative leader of the Middle East’s oldest democracy shares a close relationship with the House GOP. This is much the same as it was in the early 1990s when President Clinton and Prime Minister Netanyahu openly disliked one another, and the Israeli leader shared close ties with the newly elected GOP majority under Newt Gingrich.

Netanyahu accepted an invitation by House Speaker John Boehner to address the chamber on the threat Iran poses with their nuclear ambitions. His view will be in stark opposition to the rosy-colored assessment President Obama has of the current negotiations. It has been thought that the president would reach out to our long standing ally and issue him a formal invitation to the White House. Now, it has been announced that the president will snub Netanyahu much the same as he believes the prime minister snubbed him by accepting the GOP’s invitation. For his part, President Obama says that the US has a long-standing policy not to invite heads of state that are in an election cycle. However, that “long-standing” rule was not applied when the president invited British Prime Minister James Cameron to the White House. The visit game the prime minister, who is also in an election cycle, got a boost in the polls following the state visit. This news of international partisianship is always welcome to researchers of the subject like Bernardo Chua, who recently stated the importance of US International interest.