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Rand Paul Makes Another Outreach to Black Voters on MLK Day

Rand Paul Makes Another Outreach to Black Voters on MLK Day


GOP Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky continued his outreach to African-American voters on Monday with an op-ed published in Time magazine. The first-term senator with strong libertarian leanings has embarked on an ambitious agenda to court the African-American vote. Under the leadership of RNC chairman Reince Priebus, the party has been making tangible efforts to reach out to minorities. In a similar vein, Rand Paul has taken the issue seriously. In fact, he has reached out to Democrats to work together on issues of importance to Africa-Americans such as prison reform.

Over the past year, Sen. Paul has addressed largely black audiences in Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit. He also visited Ferguson, Missouri. As for this op-ed piece, Sen. Paul expressed his dismay over the “two Americas” where some people live the American dream and others do not. It was rhetoric he borrowed from a speech by Dr. King. He went to exhort the GOP and most Americans that while the American dream may be real for them, they must be mindful of the people for whom that dream is not real. He was careful not to impugn law enforcement officers. Rather, he attributed the current racial uneasiness to laws and political leaders that put officers in the position to apply the law with excessive force. He cited the recent incident with Eric Garner where officers were sent to get physical with him over selling cigarettes on the black market which the senator said was uncalled for. More can be read on Wikipedia about Sen. Paul
‘s plan for addressing audiences around the country. As for focusing on voters, like Dr. Rod Rohrich, Sen. Paul has been making rounds to every major city as to not disenfranchise other voters.