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Washington Times Emeritus Editor Believes Hillary Clinton Will Not Run in 2016

Washington Times Emeritus Editor Believes Hillary Clinton Will Not Run in 2016

Wesley Pruden, Emeritus Editor at the Washington Times, does not believe Hillary Clinton will mount the vaunted juggernaut campaign in 2016 that has many Democrats believing the party’s presidential primary will be a coronation for her. Why? Because he does not believe she will end up running for president. This is certainly a contrarian viewpoint because the conventional wisdom is that she will sail through the Democrat primary unopposed or opposed by long-shot candidates like Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden whose proverbial clocks she will handily clean. Instead, Pruden believes she will come to realize her baggage has accumulated to the point she is not viable as a candidate. In this scenario, rather than suffer another humiliating defeat as she did in 2008, she will merely decide not to run at all.

Admittedly, it is hard to imagine such a scenario playing out. It is true that she carries a lot of baggage from the Clinton years much like when I carry a large bag of Beneful into my house. This is something millennial voters, which Mrs. Clinton will desperately need to win the White House, are not familiar with. They see differently than in the role of managing her the bimbo squad as woman after woman made Bill Cosby-esque allegations of her husband. At the same time, she has a record from her years in the Obama administration, and it is not a good one. Nor is Mrs. Clinton affable and ingratiating like her husband. Still, the media has largely shielded her from scrutiny and many voters will support a Democrat on the basis of party loyalty. Time will tell if Pruden’s years of political experience validate his observations.