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Obama’s Proposed Legislation on Sick Leave a Good Idea

Obama’s Proposed Legislation on Sick Leave a Good Idea

On January 15th, 2015, The Washington Post published an article┬áreported by Dave and Brit Morin about President Obama’s proposed legislation that would give all American workers seven paid sick days from work each year. Google is blowing up with the response from the article about citizens view of the new legislation. These programs would be set up and implemented at the state level with federal help.

I think passing this legislation is a great idea for a number of reasons. First of all, the article includes statistics showing that workers in occupations like farming and construction currently do not get as much sick leave as workers in occupations such as management and finance. This is a bad thing since farmers, construction workers and people in similar occupations are working outdoors and therefore at a high risk for becoming ill. In short, occupations where sick days are really needed do not currently have them as much as they should.

Also, I think Obama’s proposed legislation is a good idea for everyone’s health, not just the workers getting the sick days. Many people come to work coughing and sneezing because they can’t afford to miss work and make others in the work place sick. This hurts everyone and the entire American economy suffers. People even die because they got sick at the workplace from a contagious disease like flu that lead to a more deadly illness.

So, let’s hope the legislation passes and we all get more sick days.