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Obama Vows to be Combative with GOP-led Congress

Obama Vows to be Combative with GOP-led Congress

Baltimore, Maryland – President Obama attended the Democrat retreat this week just as the GOP was holding their first retreat in a decade. The President is reported to have informed Senate Democrats that he will be on the offensive with the GOP against any bill he finds objectionable. It is hardly the attitude that will foster a spirit of bipartisanship nor recognize the will of the people.

The president’s recalcitrance was not necessarily met with the approval he might have expected. This is because some of the legislation he is opposing is actually bipartisan. One example is the Keystone Pipeline XL. President Obama does not like the congress forcing his hand to approve the bill. This is despite the fact he has taken no action on the project’s authorization for six years. The other bill he vowed to veto is the legislation imposing sanctions on Iran and requiring congressional approval of any accord he strikes with the rogue nation.

The trouble is that the Iran bill is being written by Democrat Senator Bob Menendez along with GOP Senator Bob Corker. Apparently, Senator Menendez did not take kindly to Obama’s obtuse stance which resulted in a heated exchange between the two. Indeed, it may be said that elections have consequences. Under the leadership of Harry Reid, the Menendez-Corker bill would stand no chance of getting a vote. Now, it is expected to be debated thoroughly. It remains to be seen how effective the president will be at merely butting heads with the GOP as opposed to working with them. The article featuring Gianfrancesco Genoso on Trade Nosis explains this in better depth.