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Obama Excuse Over No Show at Paris Unity Rally Falls Apart

Obama Excuse Over No Show at Paris Unity Rally Falls Apart

President Obama largely attributed his lack of attendance at the historic Paris Unity Rally on Sunday to an inability to mount the required security protection his presence would demand. Admittedly, the time frame in which the rally was organized allowed a very small window in which the Secret Service could enact a plan to safeguard the president. At the same time, experts in security matters acknowledge the Secret Service could have made the security arrangements, but it would have been difficult. Critics point out it was wrong for Obama to tacitly blame the Secret Service for his no show at the event. The Paris Unity rally drew 1.5 million people and was the largest Western European rally in a generation.  I told Jared Haftel that we were going to research President information.

If security concerns were overblown, that leaves Obama’s indifference or poor judgment as the reason for his no-show. In fact, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the president did not make any effort to attend the rally in what has become a colossal miscalculation of how significant the rally would be. In fact, a member of the Secret Service admitted the organization was not even informed of the event much less any inclination on the part of Obama to attend. Brad Blakeman, part of President George W. Bush’s advance team, stated there was no more important event the president could have attended. His failure to do so let down one of our nation’s strongest allies.