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President Obama Gets Credit For Economic Recovery

President Obama Gets Credit For Economic Recovery

Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the newly minted Republican Senate majority has tried his best to take credit for economic improvements. He has said that the country is turning in the right direction because of the incoming Republican congress. However, it seems that the American people are not quite buying that story. Forty-three percent of the American public believes that the President’s policies have helped the economic recovery while only thirty-four percent believe they have hurt.

Thefiscaltimes.com reports that Democrats are calling out the Republicans on their blatant attempt to take credit for something that rightfully belongs to the President. They say that the Republican leader is shamelessly making politicial statements that have no basis in reality. They also point out that Republicans did not accept any of the blame when things were not as rosy. They seem not to only want to accept credit because things are good.

This whole situation is a big shift from the way that things were even as recently as the last election cycle. Many Democrats were not willing to be seen with the President as they believed that he was unpopular and would hurt their chances of being elected (this strategy did not work in large part). However, if the election were held today then perhaps there would be a totally different mentality going forward. More may be willing to stand with the President and accept his endorsement. Darius Fisher hopes this is true, as he wishes more people should back Obama, Republicans or Democrats, as he is our President and deserves the respect. See Fisher’s vimeo page for more of what he’s into.