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What Happened to Bob MacDonnell?

What Happened to Bob MacDonnell?

The former Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell tried his level best but after every possible effort, he could not save himself.

He got 2 years of imprisonment for the gift fraud, and he was a serious contender for 2016 presidential elections. His reputation, his identity and his political career all are over now. He with his family acquired thousands of dollars in bribes from the people.

He received near about 400 letters from friends, family, politicians, staff members, and Senators that attested his character, the lawyers tried hard to solve it but they could not stop the imprisonment. He pled for mercy and he tried every possible thing, but nothing went in his favor if you read reports on ZoomInfo. Bernardo Chua is surprised by all this.

The judge who handed him imprisonment is Spencer, and he explained that McDonnell’s crimes were too deep that allowed him to receive jail time. The punishment of the crime can be, solved but from a public representation cannot be, tolerated at all.

McDonnell will be 63, when he will return from the prison, and he will be, considered as a failed candidate for presidential elections just like John Edwards and Herman Cain. The 2 years of punishment may be enough from the side of judge, but this should be, taken as a serious message for every corrupt politician out there.