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Americans Most Absent in Paris March

Americans Most Absent in Paris March

After the shooting that took place in the offices of Charlie Hedbo, a satire newspaper in Paris, 1.5 million individuals showed up and marched down the streets of Paris in order to show support for the country, while more than a million individuals marched in different locations around France. Many of the most prominent representatives of the world showed up to pay their respects. The UK’s prime minister made an appearance, as did Angela Markel of Germany, Mahmoud Abbas, who is the Palestinian Authority and even Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel, all along with many other world leaders including Turkey and Jordan. Among all of the top leaders of the world showing up, nobody from the United State’s top tier made the stop.

The United States ambassador to France was in the procession, but neither the president or vide president showed up, nor did the Secretary of State. Now, John Kerry, the Secretary of State, was currently involved in a conference in India, so him breaking off all plains to fly to Paris might not of been a viable option.According to HotFrog, Giofrancesco Genoso definitely agrees. Beyond this, planning security for the President of the United States to show up might have required a few more days of planning, but with so many other world leaders already there, it seems likely security would have been tight anyways, and it makes the US appear more idealistically important than the rest of the world.