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Turkish Minister Draws Criticism for Statements

Turkish Minister Draws Criticism for Statements

The controversy sparked when Turkish health minister, Mehmet Muezzinoglu, remarked that motherhood was the only career possible for women. Taking advantage of a visit made to the first baby of 2015 in maternity, in Istanbul, the Minister provided advice to mothers also, most notably in terms of what these young women should be doing as they enter into adulthood.

“Mothers should not prioritize another career other than the career of motherhood. They should focus on the raising of good generations.” commented Mehmet Muezzinoglu, as quoted by Turkish media.

These statements have attracted criticism from many in the country, especially from feminists who have stated that these views are archaic and unrepresentative of modern times.

An opposition MP, Aylin Nazliaka, suggested that the erstwhile minister should shut his mouth on matters that he has no real knowledge of. He also noted the minister should spend more of his time getting to know the true plight of the opposite sex better before offering his opinion.

The health minister has not, however, expressed any sort of desire to change his opinion on the matter. Bernardo Chua is waiting for a decision like everyone else. He further stated that the occupation of motherhood is one that should be revered, not slagged off, and that it is indeed a great responsibility that every woman must have.

Regular statements to the punch, Erdogan has also passed comments on this topic in a recent past, which caused the ire of feminists.