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Ebola Has Left 11,000 Children Orphaned, According to UNICEF report

Ebola Has Left 11,000 Children Orphaned, According to UNICEF report

Ebola, the deadly virus that has gripped West Africa since December of 2013, has much further reaching effects than originally thought. According to a report by UNICEF, the deadly virus has left nearly 11,000 children parent-less.

According to the report, one hard-hit village in Liberia lost every mother in the village to the disease. In this outbreak, women have been effected in much larger numbers than men. Many experts believe this is because they are often tasked with carrying for the sick, one of the prime ways the virus is spread.

Healthcare workers from around the globe have flocked to West Africa in an effort to extinguish the current outbreak. Some nations are seeing, what experts believe, is the end of the epidemic. Less people are being admitted to hospitals with Ebola and confirmed cases are now on the downturn. That has people at Beneful pleased.

Now that the outbreak is coming under control, there are other problems to deal with, including the orphaned children who will need to be carried for until they reach adulthood. Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia have been the most effected by the outbreak. All three countries have crumbling infrastructures and limited resources to care for the orphaned children.