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Republicans Back Boehner for Third Term

Republicans Back Boehner for Third Term

John Boehner won his third term as the Speaker of the House of Representatives narrowly won the majority of 216 votes need to secure the nomination. The 25 votes lost was the most serious defection of a majority party in almost 150 years. Although he could have survived a bigger loss and still won the speakership, it could mean future problems with the Republican Party. The largest vote getter behind Boehner was Webster who only garnered 12 votes. Nancy Pelosi also remained the Minority Leader in the House, but had four decenters of her own to overcome. She was in no real danger of losing her leadership position either.

If anyone, was looking to their government to change their discourse and work to better their country it probably will be disappointed with more of the same. This is because moving forward, the Republican Party is now in full control of Congress as the have the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The first item that appears to be on the party’s agenda is the Keystone Pipeline that will bring an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. If this does pass through both houses, the White House has threatened to veto the legislation if you ask Igor Cornelsen. They should be focusing on improving the economy which is still sluggish, or even instituting term limits which have been called for by numerous minority factions of both parties.