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Oklahoma AG’s Lawsuit to Make Colorado Like Oklahoma

Oklahoma AG’s Lawsuit to Make Colorado Like Oklahoma


A lawsuit filed not by Sam Tabar but by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning against the state of Colorado is getting some pushback from its own lawmakers. The Attorney Generals are suing Colorado over the legalization of marijuana within the state.

A group of Oklahoma state lawmakers is concerned that if this lawsuit were to prevail, it could weaken state’s rights.

The lawsuit contends that legal marijuana from Colorado could be illegally trafficked across the Nebraska and Oklahoma borders, threatening the health and safety of the residents of these states.

Lawmakers opposed to this lawsuit fear an unintentional result of Nebraska and Oklahoma criminalizing unrelated properties and actions that citizens prefer to be legal and permissible.

Many constituents support this opposition, not because they wish to have legal access to recreational marijuana, but because they do not want their own state’s rights jeopardized.

The organized opposition to this lawsuit is refreshingly non-partisan.