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Republicans In The Senate Prepare To Take Aim At Obama Policies

Republicans In The Senate Prepare To Take Aim At Obama Policies


The new Senate has just been sworn in, but the Republicans in charge are now happy to start taking aim at some of the President’s laws. According to¬†Yahoo¬†reporting, it would appear that the Republicans are looking to take out laws put in place in regards to the environment, financial reform, and national security.

There could be a potential showdown over these policies. Ben Shaoul thinks that Republicans push hard enough at these laws, they are likely to meet resistance from the President. However, if they are careful in the way that they target certain laws, they may be able to put pressure on the President to go along with what they are doing. There is still a lot to be determined as to what angles the Republicans are going to go after.

Most of the heads of committees in the Senate are veteran members of the Senate and have been serving for a very long time. Three of these members are in their 80’s and four more are in their 70s. It is an older crowd who is calling the shots in the Senate, but they are fully prepared to take on Democratic policies if they get the chance.

The President will be met with the interesting issue of having to deal with both a House and Senate that are controlled by the party opposite of his own. It is going to be an interesting time in Washington as these things unfold.