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One thing that seems to be the case is that programs for the poor, particularly those that are designed by the government are not guaranteed to bring one out of poverty. For one thing, it is not the actual circumstance of poverty, but the mindset behind poverty that determines whether or not they break free from it. Charles Koch sees that for some people, these programs only prolong the problem. Charles Koch understands that each homeless person should be treated as an individual. They are different and some of them are only homeless due to circumstances beyond their control. Many of these programs assume that they are struggling with some kind of addiction.

Charles Koch’s outreach features food and information. Charles does not want to just give people hand outs. He also wants to teach them how to overcome their poverty. However, he carries this out in a way that is not insulting to people. He does not assume that the poor are ignorant. Instead, he tries to meet them at their level. Some people in poverty are actually very intelligent. They have goals, and they are working very hard in pursuing these goals. Charles Koch and his brother offer their support for those that are on that path.

One program that they set up is called Bridge to Wellbeing. With this program, they serve hot food to people. They served in a church in Miami as well as a community center. However, that was not all that the guests were given. They were also given lessons about how to be able to support themselves and be free from all the complications that are often imposed on people in these circumstances. This is definitely a call to action for people that are not complacent. Charles Koch is definitely out to reach the poor people with goals.

It is very important to give some of the poor people direction. If some poor people have goals and they reach them, that could be even more inspiration for the other poor in the area. Charles Koch understands the power of people overcoming their struggles. As more people overcome their struggles, more people will be inspired to overcome their struggles. While poverty will not be completely eradicated, it will be significantly diminished. Charles Koch will have contributed to an effective objective. However, poverty is not the only thing that poor people have to fight against.

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Finally, the much awaited Highlands capital financial results are out. They were published on the eve of festivities in 2004.They show a strong company still making significant moves in the market and intend on making it to the top. The results are representative of only 22% of the companies earning. It shows a company with a market value of $3,430,374,000. It is a 30.18 % from a time like now last year when it was valued at $4,912,889,000.

Highlands has a total of $ 15.04 billion assets. It makes its exposure in the market capped at 22.81 % of assets. In the new report, it can be seen Highlands Capital Management under Dondero has invested in new companies. These include Amazon, eagle pharmaceuticals, Danaher Corp Del, Intra Cellular Therapies Inc and Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr.The list just shows its biggest and most profitable bets. It in the last year invested a total of 69 new stocks.

The new report still shows the awards winning healthcare subsidiary has 20% of its invested capital. The IT world and finance have 18% share, energy 12% and consumer discretionary has 10%.

Highlands has upped its stakes in various companies. It increased stake in American Airls group by 60% and Salesforce com inc by 213.34 %. It also disposed of stock in Spdr series trust, Nexpoint cr and strategies FD.They are less than 7 % of the shares.

HCM under Jim Dondero has also reduced its holdings in several companies in a bid to diversify its portfolio even more. It shows a deliberate attempt by the company to make new positions.

Highlands capital management was founded by James Dondero in 1993 with his business Partner Mike Okada. Jim still acts at its managing director and has led the company to its most essential growth yet. He is a finance and accounting graduate from the University of Virginia. He is also a CFA, a CMA and a certified accountant.

Jim is a renowned investor. Besides Highlands, he is the founder and CEO at Nexpoint and its affiliates. Jim also serves on numerous boards of companies around Dallas. He chairs the board of Cornerstone health and CSS medical.

On a personal level, Jim is a Christian who regularly attends church on Sundays. He is also a Reagan Republican and is active in philanthropy. He has helped numerous veterans’ families find stability.

This article is recapped from http://www.octafinance.com/top-10-highland-capital-management-positions-in-q3-2015/323054/

Recently in news, it has been made clear how much influence the Koch brothers have on benefiting the education system within the United States. In 2014, 23.4 million dollars was donated by the generous Koch brothers in an attempt to influence the College system in a beneficial way. This amount is double the amount that was donated in 2012 which was 12.7 million dollars. The idea behind investing in higher education was to gain Charles and David influence in order to improve the education system that is currently used within the United States. These granted programs that come with the funds are also aligned with domestic policies that are being improved.

Private investment of higher education is also a benefit because it improves the philosophy of a laissez-faire capitalism society that has already been enacted in the United States. This form of government is beneficial because the Koch brothers believe that great good can be done through private investment instead of through government spending.

Though the Koch brothers have influence within the education system at Universities, the Koch brothers ensure that all academic professors retain full academic freedom in their teaching styles. An example of a University that received funding from the Koch brothers is George Mason University which received 16.8 million dollars in 2014. With this money, Charles Koch as maintained close ties with this University with the purpose of observing as to how this University will flourish with the generous donation. George Mason University will utilize these donations for several programs such as their free market economics program as well as their individual liberty program.

Out of the 50 states in the United States, 41 states have at least one college that has received a substantial amount from the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers believe in funding higher education and in addition to this, they believe in funding important resources such as think tanks, educational centers as well as media organizations.

When sitting down for an interview, Charles Koch remarked in his interest in investing in systems that promote results. Higher education, to Charles Koch, seems like the best return on investment. His belief is that if people invest in the future and invest on improving the future, there will only be positive results. Charles Koch is an example of a man with a savvy business mind who will continue making smart investments in promoting the higher education.

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Each client and business is unique. So there is going to be a need of a different amount of
care and diligence when it comes to each business. Some of these business are more complex and independent than others. Extra care is needed especially when there is going to be a change in management which often results in a change in how the business is run. Sometimes, the capital structure to the business is significantly changes as well. It is up to the people who have been granted trust to look for some extra assurance in order to make sure nothing goes wrong with the deal. In order to handle these transactions, a firm is often needed. Madison Street Capital is one of the more trustworthy firms.

Madison Street Capital has proven itself for more than 10 years when it comes to working with clients in these types of transactions. For one thing, these transactions tend to be very complicated and the wrong firms could cause everything to go wrong. They work with the client in order to determine the absolute value of the business. They identify all of the strengths of the business so that they can help the client decide as to whether or not to sell the business to the other client. It is important to Madison Street Capital that the new owner of the business keeps a lot of the strengths going even though there will be differences in the new ownership.

Madison Street Capital sits down with their clients in order to help them figure out what is best for the clients. For one thing, they look to the best interests of the client. This is what makes them so trustworthy. They also look to best interests of the middle market business. They want to make sure that the business is going to wind up in good hands.

Another good thing about Madison Street Capital is that they provide opinions for businesses as an independent third party. They are especially eager to help growth firms as well as mid-sized businesses. There is no business transaction that is too complex for them to handle. They also provide their clients with their honest and accurate assessment. They let their clients know what they expect for their business when it goes into the hands of another owner as it depends on the owners history with his other business.

Venture capital companies like Highland Capital are increasingly looking towards Europe for promising tech companies to invest in, according to a recent article that appeared in the Seattle Times.

According to the article, the companies have a sound financial reason for looking across the Atlantic to build wealth. Startups in places like Berlin, London and Paris are much cheaper to buy and invest in than similar companies in the United States. That means venture capital companies have less overhead when it comes to employee salaries and benefits. Job cuts at European companies in recent years also have led highly qualified workers into the tech industry.
And European startups are also anxious to attract American investors. According to the Seattle Times, more than 15 years after the dot.com bust, the startups need American money to help them go global. The Seattle Times article also points to research by the firm Preqin, which found that venture capital companies have pumped in about #10 billion to European startups during the first three quarters of 2015. In return, the American firms received almost six times their investment in return during the same period.
Highland Capital Management is an SEC-regulated company that, along with its affiliates manages nearly $21 billion in assets. Co-founded by Jim Dondero in 1993, Highland Capital was among the pioneers of the collateralized loan obligation market and has helped to develop credit-oriented solutions for both institutional and retail investors around the world. It specializes in a wide range of credit strategies, including credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts.
In addition to his duties at Highland Capital, Jim actively supports initiatives in education, veteran’s affairs and public policy. He began his career in the Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984 after graduating from the University of Virginia with honor with dual majors in accounting and finance. Jim is also a certified management accountant and has earned the right to use the chartered financial analyst designation.
Jim also serves as chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and Nexbank and on the boards of American Banknote and MGM Studios.

Charles Koch has been taking to the media spreading the ideas that he believes is behind what made him and his family’s company, Koch Industries, so successful. The ideas Koch is promoting can be found in a new book that the American billionaire has been out and about promoting.

Koch has been putting many of his day to day responsibilities on hold in order to spread ideas that he believes are his personal guiding rules towards success. It’s not something that Koch is used to, and the difficulties add up. Koch strongly believes, however, that its important to spread these ideas.

What Koch teaches is a system of business management that is based on “good profit”. He believes that there are good ways to make money in the market and that there are bad ways to make money in the market. By finding the good ways to make money, using individual strengths and teamwork, anyone has a chance at living a wealthy and meaningful life.

There have been many that are critical of Charles Koch, but recently more and more people have had the chance to sit down with the man and find that he really believes in what he preaches. It seems like he is not just simply trying to sell the public something, and wants to see other people do well. The evidence is in the fact that he is leaving so many of his day to day tasks behind in order to show his ideas to others.

Being the one to take his family’s company to being the number one privately held business in the United States, Charles Koch knows a thing or two about success and how to achieve it. He still keeps his family’s company in their hometown, and strongly believes in doing good for other people.

It is this kind of giving back to the world that makes people like Koch stand out from other individuals. It is important to pass on the tricks of the trade so that the next generation may do something even greater and thus progressing all of the human species.

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Life in North Korea has always been extremely difficult under the brutal Kim Jong Il, and for Yeonmi Park and her mother, their lives were about to be cruelly extinguished. They fled across the border to China in the middle of a frigid dark winter’s night. The only reason they were not routinely shot by the North Korean border guards was because of the weather, so the two were grateful for the cold. Unlike so many others desperately attempting to escape, they were successful. They were greeted by Chinese border guards who they were thankful did not send them back to North Korea for certain death.

Instead, the corrupt guards sold them to Chinese men who could obtain a wife in no other way, unscrupulous repugnant men who used them as sex slaves and as domestic slaves. Yeonmi Park details her entire terrifying journey in her book: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. She holds nothing back in the book, including her mother’s brave escape for them both out of China and to the safety of the West.

Still in her young 20s, Ms. Park’s new book represents her next move to counter sex trafficking in Asia, and to bring to light the depravity and evil oppression of the North Korean people by the despotic ruler they feared and were forced to worship completely, Kim Jong Il, father of the now ruling Kim Jong Un. She was also bravely becoming an activist even before the book.

At the Women In The World conference where Yeonmi Park was interviewed on stage before a large audience and world-wide television coverage. The interviewer was Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show. It may have been hard for the audience to get their head around how brainwashed the people of North Korea are, and from a young age. She explained that her parents taught her their viciously abusive “dear leader” could hear her thoughts and was also given messages from small animals that overheard her when she spoke. So, it should not be surprising that when Savanna Guthrie asked Yeonmi Park on yeonmi.net if she had anything she wanted to express to their audience, the young woman composed herself and stated boldly, “Kim Jong Un doesn’t like me at all!” A loud furor erupted and Ms. Guthrie remarked at what an understatement Yeonmi had made. It was hard for them to understand that to Yeonmi it must have felt like baring her soul to state anything even slightly negative about the current “dear leader”.


Globally recognized for his extraordinary wealth, George Soros was born far removed from a silver spoon in Budapest in 1930. After escaping the throes of Nazi occupation during World War II, Soros managed to earn a degree from the London School of Economics before emigrating across the Atlantic to America. Using the same pluck that enabled him to evade oppression and genocide, Soros has earned many lifetimes of material fortune. According to Investopedia,  Mr. Soros is largely celebrated for his ingenious and aggressive wealth management, it is the multibillionaire’s decades of philanthropy that seem to be his true pursuit. Having founded Open Society, a philanthropy dedicated to promoting open nations that embrace transparency and human rights, and continuing to dedicate his wealth and drive to countless other humanitarian endeavors, there can be no doubt that George Soros is one of the world’s most prominent investors in humanity.

Having developed a reputation as a brazen speculator capable of successfully predicting significant market shifts, Soros was able to establish and operate Soros Fund Management, one of the most profitable firms in the hedge fund industry. Consistent profits led Soros to wealth so great that, by his own admission, he has been enabled to take a stand on controversial issues in ways others cannot. This ability empowered Soros to found Open Society Foundations, which, established in 1979, has been dedicated to cultivating transparent governments and societies that embrace human rights around the world.

It is as if in spite of the suffering Soros lived through in his early days, he remains doggedly committed to helping the global community foster societies where human rights and government accountability are the rules, not the exceptions. Thanks to this vision and determination, today Open Society is a philanthropic empire that includes a network of foundations and projects in more than 100 countries, with expenditures in excess of $800 million annually.

In addition to facilitating open governments, Soros continues to lend his experience and advice to policy makers and promote voters’ rights. Although many have tried to put a price on Soros, his philanthropy goes to show that no price can be put on investments in creating a better humanity.

Rio was named recently as one of the heaviest states in Brazil. It has an overweight rate of 60.4 % against a national average of 50%.The study has prompted the 47-year-old health boss in the state to launch healthy feeding campaign in his state. He urges people to eat heavy breakfast’s rich in nutrients. This meal is crucial as it gives you an all-day energy boost. Your dinner servings should be small portions since you will spend the night asleep. He discourages the chewing of gum as it tricks the stomach you are ugly even when you not. He also advises people to shun coffee and processed foods. These proactive strategies allow people to cut weight without going to extreme lengths. He bemoans the lack of exercising culture in Brazil. It combined with a fast growing fast foods culture increasing the rate of obesity in the country. Obesity is a dangerous disease since it’s the primary trigger of other lifestyle diseases. It is the leading cause of diabetes and high blood pressure in the country.
Sergio Cortes also advises against back problems. It is a common problem in Rio caused by poor walking and sitting postures. Medical back problems are very painful and lead to lost productivity. Their remedies are very simple practices like regular exercises and proper walking and sitting positions.Dr. Sergio Cortes urges people to swim regularly, take walks, do yoga and cycle. He says Poor posture can cause neck stiffness, sciatica pain, and herniated disc. These symptoms point to a much larger and chronic problem.
Sergio Cortes is the state health secretary in charge of Rio state. The 47-year-old is charged with ensuring a smooth running health department in a state faced with a myriad of challenges. His busy schedule and amazing work ethic have earned him admiration across the state. He was recently admitted to a local hospital due to a fire accident but has since recovered. His admission to a local hospital shows off his trust to the local resources available in the country. He bounced back from his accident to lead the state in the opening of the Dengue Hydration Center at Xerem, Duque de Caxias.It is a center designed to help flood victims deal with dehydration. It can serve up to 300 people in a day and has 12 chairs. He also opened a local garbage collection center. We wish Sergio Cortes the best of luck.

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If you are facing a legal issue pertaining to your business, you must act fast and get a lawyer. Selecting the best business attorney for your need is a matter of understanding your own situations, then finding a legal representative whose expertise aligns with the particular issues you are dealing with. If you are dealing with a business issue and need legal advice or guidance, it’s imperative that you hire the right lawyer. Locating lawyers who practice business law should not be a difficult endeavor.

The specific conditions or circumstances of your case make it necessary to hire a lawyer who is well versed in dealing with the case. It is vital not only to look for a certified lawyer, but one that has actually dealt with comparable suits to yours in the past. And there are many lawyers in Brazil that have the qualification and resources to help you.

In seeking advice from these law professionals, you must find out if they have any experience with your type of situation. A skilled attorney will be familiar with such arguments and their success or lack thereof. It is vital that you not only locate a lawyer, but a specific kind of attorney.

It is usually difficult to estimate the total costs of litigation prior to starting the case. Nonetheless, if you have actually been sued and are seeking representation, the difference between a good, skilled litigation lawyer and someone who can not equally serve your needs can total up to a substantial sum of money. While cost needs to be considered in picking your litigation attorney since everyone has a budget, it must not be the sole factor in determining whom you ultimately pick to handle your legal matter.

Probably the best way to find a great litigation legal representative is through a favorable recommendation from an individual who was in similar conditions. If you could find someone who was once facing the same issue you are currently encountering and they know of a litigation legal representative who steered him or her to a positive result, that is typically your best sign of what litigation legal representative is the best choice for you.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho handles a diverse assortment of business enterprise and commercial disputes. He is renowned when it comes to his competent judicial proceeding approaches, defending the most important global brands and multinational firms in serious disputes.

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