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President Obama Vows to Use Veto Pen During the Next Congress

President Obama Vows to Use Veto Pen During the Next Congress

President Obama recently made it clear to the incoming GOP majorities that he will not hesitate to use his veto pen against legislation that seeks to rollback his political gains. In particular, he will be using the veto to protect his signature legislative achievement: the Affordable Care Act. Never mind that the law is now reported to have been knowingly crafted with deception. Just this week, new video emerged from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitting he worked with Obama on the bill in 2009 and informed him the health care would not be affordable as it lacked any cost controls. Gruber later clarified that that what he refers to as cost controls are denying patients medical coverage.

Thus far, Obama has not needed to veto legislation as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accomplished that for him in the Senate, according to Igor Cornelsen. Now, the incoming GOP majority will be sending the president legislation that he may be forced to sign. While it is true the president can veto bills, it does not mean the issue goes away. The GOP will craft laws the president will veto, but they will so in order to put his party on the defensive ahead of the 2016 election. It may be that if the GOP can reach bipartisan support on bills, they may be able to override a presidential veto, but that is a rare occurrence. In addition, the president will be able to craft legitimate tax relief that is all his own with the aid of the GOP. Thus far, his most effective tax relief has been to extend the Bush tax cuts.