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Obama’s Day Out

Obama’s Day Out


Obama has landed himself in some hot water over the holidays as it has been reported that a couple had to more their wedding time and location to accommodate a round of golf the president was playing. According to¬†Bloomberg, two military personal had to move back the time of their wedding and move to a backup location less than 24 hours before it was supposed to take place. What made this even more unbelievable to myself and even Sam Tabar was that the couple had invited the Obama’s to the wedding knowing they would be on the island. A few hours after receiving the regretful response that President Obama would not make the wedding they were delivered news that the would have to change the time and place due to his round of golf.

It has however been reported that people are forewarned that plans may be disrupted due to the presidents presence on the island. It was also discovered that the White House did now know of the conflict until after it had already taken place. The President did personally call the couple to apologize for making them move, which the couple described as a wonderful conversation. This is not the first time that Obama’s golf outings have drawn criticism and it surely won’t be the last.