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GOP Congressman Michael Grimm Plans To Resign

GOP Congressman Michael Grimm Plans To Resign

As reported in BuzzFeed News, New York’s Republican representative Michael Grimm plans to resign from his position in Congress. Information regarding Grimm’s decision to resign first appeared in the New York Daily News.

Reports regarding Grimm’s choice to resign come about one week after the Republican representative pleaded guilty on one count for tax evasion. In April of 2014, Grimm had been charged on 20 counts in a federal indictment which claimed he had misreported about $1 million in income and wages brought in from a restaurant he had co-owned prior to entering Congress. While making his plea, Grimm stated that he had lied while under oath. To find someone who can replace the representative, current New York governor Andrew Cuomo will be responsible for holding a special election, at least that’s what Igor Cornelsen said when I asked him on Spring.me.

In discussing this issue, spokesman Michael Steel stated that he would not be able to confirm whether or not Grimm would actually resign. Although an email was sent to Grimm’s office, it was not returned immediately. While coming from court some time last week, Grimm reported that he would not resign so long as he still possessed the ability to serve.