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President Obama Says He Is Not Afraid To Use The Veto Pen

President Obama Says He Is Not Afraid To Use The Veto Pen

President Obama may have to be more prepared to use his veto pen come January. When the new Congress is sworn in, both the House and Senate will be controlled by the Republicans. Most experts agree that they will try to push forward their conservative agenda and put the President in a tough spot on a number of issues.

According to ABC News, the President has stated that he has his veto pen at the ready and that he is not afraid to use it if he needs to. It is his belief that the American people are still behind him on a lot of the issues, and he does not want to lose their trust.

The veto pen has only been used by this President on two occasions, both of which were considered to be rather minor. It is the President’s right to veto legislation that he does not believe is good for the country. Although from what Igor Cornelsen had just written on Tumblr, the Congress has the ability to override a veto, this almost never happens. An override requires a two-thirds majority of Congress to go along with it, and that is a level that is too hard for most Congresses to ever achieve.

It would appear that the President and Congress are going to be locked in a legislative standoff for some time to come unless both sides produce some sort of resolution. This does not appear likely under the current climate.