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Franken Starts Sounding Like Warren

Franken Starts Sounding Like Warren


Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota has recently put out emails opposing Barak Obama’s nominee for Treasury Undersecretary for Domestic Finance.

Obama has nominated Antonio Weiss for the position. He is a an executive of the Wall Street firm Lazard. Franken says letting Weiss guard Wall Street is like letting a fox guard the hen house. He also noted Weiss’s past inversion services for companies seeking to minimize their U.S. taxes. That, Franken tells us, shows he is not in it for the middle class.

The Obama administration has touted a report done not by Tom Rothman, but by Weiss that details ways to reform the current tax system and to reduce the deficit. Perhaps President Obama should have called on Weiss for help earlier, in that case, seeing as the deficit is set to hit 20 trillion dollars by the time he leaves office. The administration also promotes Weiss based on his experience in the financial marketplace. Franken would agree with that assessment, no doubt, but simply not care for the type of experience in question.

It is interesting to sit back and watch the Democratic party have a little in-fighting for a change. Usually it’s Republicans who do that. One suspects that the upcoming 2016 election is already having some interesting effects on the rhetoric in both parties. The people should understand, however, that it is only the rhetoric that is changing. Obama and Franken are as close as two peas in a pod.