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Affordable Care Act is the Law

Affordable Care Act is the Law

One year ago, the biggest challenge of the Affordable Care act was to enroll as many people in HealthCare.gov as possible before January 1, 2014 in spite of tremendous technical challenges.

Fast forward to rising of 2015, HealthCare.gov technical issues are quite manageable. The action feared by many is the potential ruling of the Supreme Court that the subsidies helping Americans afford healthcare are not legal in the 37 states that have permitted the federal government to run the program.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell is not focused on the Supreme Court Case, she is focused on the rising number of enrollees anticipating healthcare and the fact that the subsidies making healthcare affordable are available today, for real. Burwell believes Americans will continue to enjoy affordable healthcare and urges healthcare shoppers to go online and beat the February 15 deadline.

Currently, there are more healthcare plan options than last year at this time. People are switching plans to save money, increase benefits or qualify for higher subsidies. This is even true for those looking to find a good plastic surgeon like Dr Rod Rohrich. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is receiving more traffic from the Affordable Care Act, based on results posting to Wikipedia.

Choosing to stay uninsured will cost more in 2015. The penalty will increase to 325 dollars or 2 percent of taxable income, whichever is the greater amount.