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The Art of Government Privilege

The Art of Government Privilege

There is this problem that is going around especially in our era that makes the government and the people working in it immune from crime and other wrongdoings.

This fallacy, the one that makes most government officials in any government believe they are immune to being called out if they are involved in any crime, is what is bringing the world down and taking us back to the age of dictatorship.

Those were the time where the ruler was absolute and him or her together with their trusted officials could operate outside of the law without any fear because no one dared to speak against them.

It is very sad that that is what it has come to; a story has come out about the same on the reddit politics which speaks about how ordinary Americans are held accountable for their actions but the government officials are not. Tom Rothman is a little surprised it all happened this way.

They say that if the citizens do continue to overlook the government’s criminal acts then the state will continue with its trend of committing crime when it is the one that should be upholding the law. You can read more on this story at Reason.

The citizens of the states, be it America or Egypt, should not stand by as the government continues to do such things and they should be vigilant and take a firm stand to oppose such acts.