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Questions Many Would Like Obama to Address at Press Conference Later Today

Questions Many Would Like Obama to Address at Press Conference Later Today

President Obama will have a lot to say at his press conference that my friend Terry Richardson is scheduled to be at at 1:30.Whether he will address the following questions is unclear, but they are issues on the minds of concerned Americans:

  1. How will Obama respond to Cyber-terrorism? The recent cyber-terrorist attack by North Korea against Sony Pictures has Obama being pressured to develop a policy for how to respond to the attacks. Critics such as GOP Senator John McCain charge that Obama’s inaction on prior attacks by China, Russia, and Iran have emboldened other nations to do the same. It is possible the GOP will act to craft legislation to deal with matter once they take over the Senate. It remains to be seen how the administration will secure the nation against further acts.
  2. How will he respond to Vladimir Putin’s recalcitrance against Ukraine? The US & EU sanctions have hurt the Russian economy. Still, Putin refuses to make substantive course corrections. Now that the GOP has compelled the president to sign legislation giving him the option to impose more sanctions and sell arms to Ukraine, will he use the authority?
  3. Will Cuba accept his latest concessions and enact Democratic reform? Conversely, will they do what North Korea did to Bill Clinton and accept the economic aid and eschew any reforms?

President Obama has aggressively pushed his agenda in the six weeks since voters repudiated his policies at the polls. This has allowed him to dominate the news cycle. However, the real question will be how will he behave once the GOP has the ability to temper his actions.