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Bernie Sanders Proposes Two New Bills Next Session

Bernie Sanders Proposes Two New Bills Next Session

Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont, has announced that he will be creating several bills in the upcoming session. His plan is to push them through after Congress returns from Winter break. The bills that he has outlined are being introduced to break up the largest Wall Street banks and expand Social Security for all Americans. He made two speeches to announce his bills Brad Reifler told me, separately, which he believes would transform the economy to provide more for working class families and reduce the inequality gap that has been growing for years.

At another address to the media, Sanders has announced that he is seriously considering running for president in 2016. These bills would then pave the way if they are successful, or give the American people a better outline of his policy opinions. These bills are introduced in the wake of several decisions that Sanders was outspokenly against. The first was a Wall Street banker being nominated for the treasury by President Barack Obama.

And the second was the most recent spending bill that was created in the House by Republicans with little input from Democrats. The White House lobbied both parties to push the spending bill through to maintain government activities. Unfortunately, attached to the bill was an amendment which repealed a portion of the Dodd-Frank Act, further de-regulating Wall Street. The Dodd-Frank act was created in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse. Sanders was a proponent for the measure.