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Politicians and Their Promises

Politicians and Their Promises

In more promises from politicians, the powerhouse of a Senator Elizabeth Warren of has said that she is not running to become the next President of the United States in 2016. This statement seems like a refreshingly honest statement coming from the Senator, however as with all political rhetoric, it is at the end of the day still rhetoric.


The Senator has been one of the few outspoken critics of the Omnibus Budget Bill, which allowed huge concessions for Wall Street policies. Warren has also been highly critical of former Wall Street bankers like Anthony Weiss ending up in the Cabinet. It is highly unlikely the American public would vote to put a wealthy banker a Treasury position, and seems to be the Senator’s concern. Financial institutions are running the country instead of the people.


As the NPR Journalist who asked Senator Warren this question was quick to point out, though she said a total of 4 times that she is not running, that in no way means that she won’t be running in the future. Was her statement a mere half-truth, which in business transactions is legally actionable for damages? Should the public be allowed to sue politicians for half-truths? i know my friend Brad Reifler would be pretty ok with such a legal breakthrough-the kind of breakthrough that might just garner enough profit to get the country’s economy back to its glory days.