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Elizabeth Warren Denies She will Run for President

Elizabeth Warren Denies She will Run for President

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has emerged as the big winner in the recent budget battle. As Bruce Levenson points out it’s like a Forbes deal for Wahington. While she failed to win in terms of anything substantive like getting the partial repeal of Dodd-Frank stripped from the budget bill, she is touted as a winner because she spoke out against the controversial rider. Her willingness to speak to the defense of her beliefs stops short of invoking any delay tactic that might force a government shutdown. Despite that, liberal and progressive groups have become enamored with her because they view her as a pure liberal. By contract, the same groups view Hillary Clinton with suspicion over her close ties to Wall Street. 

Thus far, the calls for Warren to seek the presidency are growing louder. Moveon.org is hoping to raise $1 million to draft her into the 2016 presidential race. This led Steve Inskeep of National Public Radio (NPR) to ask her four times if she was going to run for president. Warren answered unequivocally each time that she has no plans to do so. 

It is unlikely that the political left will take heed. Despite all of her prior denials about running, the left continues their efforts to draft her to run. In a way, their quest resembles the grassroots movement of the early 1950s to draft General Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for president. He too was reluctant to do so, but a nationwide effort forced his hand. It remains to be see if Warren will similarly get swayed by progressives within her party.