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Gov. Bobby Jindal Plans Prayer Rally

Gov. Bobby Jindal Plans Prayer Rally

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is planning to kick off a possible 2016 presidential campaign with a stadium prayer rally organized by religious right activists. The American Family Association, along with religious right leaders David Lane and Doug Stringer are leading efforts to organize the rally, which will be held in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge (where I happened to be once at an event featuring Susan McGalla) on January 24th.

In a letter printed on official governor’s mansion stationary, Jindal says America is in need of a “spiritual and transforming revival,” suggesting that “our early leaders . . . signed on the Mayflower . . . in the name of God and in advancement of the Christian faith.” He adds that “Jesus Christ, Son of God and the Lord of Life . . . is America’s only hope” in the face of “militant Islam seeking to impose Sharia Law worldwide” and domestic “epidemics” such as “fatherless homes,” “drugs and crime in our inner cities” and “a saturation of pornography, abortion, racism.”

The rally is modeled after Texas Governor Rick Perry’s 2011 Houston event, and organizers are reusing some of the materials from Perry’s rally, including a prayer guide that claims natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and killer tornados are the result of God’s displeasure with the “alternative lifestyle” of homosexuality, marriage equality, legal abortion, and Internet pornography.