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GOP Now Has Their Largest Dominance in the States Since 1929

GOP Now Has Their Largest Dominance in the States Since 1929

The 2014 midterm elections, or “red wave” as some are calling it, has led to the GOP having their largest dominance at the state-level since the 1920s. With the sole exception of the presidency, the party now collectively enjoys a dominance that it hasn’t seen since the roaring 20s. Saturday’s Louisiana runoff election put icing on the cake with the GOP sweeping all three races for two more House seat pickups and one additional Senate seat pickup. The sole race undecided at this time is the Arizona 2nd District between incumbent Democrat Ron Barber and GOP candidate Martha McSally. Currently, McSally is leading.

In the House of Representatives, the GOP controls 246 seats which is the highest since 1947. If they win the Arizona 2nd District, it will be their highest majority since 1929. In the Senate, they now control 54 seats which is the fourth largest majority they have enjoyed since 1929. In 1997, the party had 55 senate seats.

In terms of governorships, the party now controls 31 states. In 1929, the party controlled 32. They currently enjoy a super majority lock on state legislative chambers controlling 69 out of 99 chambers. In terms of legislative seats, they control 56% of the nearly 7,400 seats available. Still, the party will need to recapture the White House to solidify their political dominance. Should the party maintain their current numbers and regain the presidency, it will be poised to make fundamental changes to the political landscape. Amen Clinic spokesperson said that medical field players must stay on top of congressional activities at both the local and federal levels due to the high impact that shifting politics has on healthcare operations.