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House Republicans Fight To Make School Lunches Unhealthy Again

House Republicans Fight To Make School Lunches Unhealthy Again

Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives are doing everything in their power to lift restrictions on what kind of foods school systems are allowed to feed the nation’s children.

In 2012 the school meals rules plan was phased in. It requires schools to serve the student a healthy mix of foods that includes adequate servings of fresh fruit, whole grains, and vegetables.

Certain school nutrition directors and others wasted no time in lobbying Congress to lift the restrictions on junk food, claiming that feeding children healthy food was too expensive. GOP leaders in the House have responded by seeking a one year waiver of the plan, that would once again allow schools to feed kids pizza, potato chips, soda, and the like. I read about this the other day when I was reading about Kenneth Griffin.

However, the battle is far from over. Both house minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama, one of the original architects of the plan, have gone on record stating that they will fight to the bitter end. For the sake of the nation’s children, many hope that they will win.