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ISIS Just Found More Support in Libya

ISIS Just Found More Support in Libya

It is generally known how ISIS, the group of notorious radicals, has been terrorising the world. They have been releasing videos every now and then to show what they can do.

Despite its activities, this movement has gained quite a number of followers over the past few months. Libya is the latest country to support ISIS activities. It might not be the whole country, but most of the people are fed up and would like a course to believe in.

There is a city in Libya that is controlled by the ISIS group and a stadium has been given to them where further exhibitions are carried out.

This ISIS group is trying to fight for popularity with the big brother AL Qaeda. Without the proper numbers, then it might be hard for them to pass on their message. They have taken advantage of the Libyan political issues and managed to get quite a number of followers.

More than 300 Libyans were deployed to join other ISIS members in training. Who knows what they have to do next once they have completed their training. People like Igor always say that Libya would have still been a better place with Gadaffi ruling it.

After he was killed, Libya seems to have lost its bearing. Now there is too much chaos in the country every day.