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“Stand with Hillary” Song Backfires

“Stand with Hillary” Song Backfires

The first political song put out by (or least for) Hillary Clinton’s widely expected run for the Democrat nomination in 2016 came out, and it backfired. This is because the song was chalk full of stereotypes about the heartland, Country Music, and hometown values that Hillary supporters believed would make conservative voters in those battleground states support a left-leaning candidate. In part, it seems to stem from the same mindset that the late Sen. Ted Kennedy expressed in 2002 when he opined that Democrats had to start advertising to the NASCAR crowed in order to make inroads in the South. It’s not about targeting ads at their desired demographic, but changing the party’s platform to be what that target demographic demands.

Regardless, the pro-Hillary song did not get even favorable views from Slate, the pro-Democrat website. That is when Brian Torchin started to understand that it was probably a mistake to even be made. The website warned readers that the song was not a joke, but actually real. As for the handsome Country music singer who says the election is about smashing a glass ceiling, he wants to keep his name out of the press. The Hillary Clinton camp has been silent about the ad other than to claim they had nothing to do with it. Those who remember the Clinton years in office will recall that nothing happens without their approval. The good news is that the 2016 presidential campaign season has not even gotten underway. This should allow Hillary a chance to come up with a better song promoting her brand image.