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President Obama recently made it clear to the incoming GOP majorities that he will not hesitate to use his veto pen against legislation that seeks to rollback his political gains. In particular, he will be using the veto to protect his signature legislative achievement: the Affordable Care Act. Never mind that the law is now reported to have been knowingly crafted with deception. Just this week, new video emerged from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitting he worked with Obama on the bill in 2009 and informed him the health care would not be affordable as it lacked any cost controls. Gruber later clarified that that what he refers to as cost controls are denying patients medical coverage.

Thus far, Obama has not needed to veto legislation as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accomplished that for him in the Senate, according to Igor Cornelsen. Now, the incoming GOP majority will be sending the president legislation that he may be forced to sign. While it is true the president can veto bills, it does not mean the issue goes away. The GOP will craft laws the president will veto, but they will so in order to put his party on the defensive ahead of the 2016 election. It may be that if the GOP can reach bipartisan support on bills, they may be able to override a presidential veto, but that is a rare occurrence. In addition, the president will be able to craft legitimate tax relief that is all his own with the aid of the GOP. Thus far, his most effective tax relief has been to extend the Bush tax cuts. 


Obama has landed himself in some hot water over the holidays as it has been reported that a couple had to more their wedding time and location to accommodate a round of golf the president was playing. According to Bloomberg, two military personal had to move back the time of their wedding and move to a backup location less than 24 hours before it was supposed to take place. What made this even more unbelievable to myself and even Sam Tabar was that the couple had invited the Obama’s to the wedding knowing they would be on the island. A few hours after receiving the regretful response that President Obama would not make the wedding they were delivered news that the would have to change the time and place due to his round of golf.

It has however been reported that people are forewarned that plans may be disrupted due to the presidents presence on the island. It was also discovered that the White House did now know of the conflict until after it had already taken place. The President did personally call the couple to apologize for making them move, which the couple described as a wonderful conversation. This is not the first time that Obama’s golf outings have drawn criticism and it surely won’t be the last.

As reported in BuzzFeed News, New York’s Republican representative Michael Grimm plans to resign from his position in Congress. Information regarding Grimm’s decision to resign first appeared in the New York Daily News.

Reports regarding Grimm’s choice to resign come about one week after the Republican representative pleaded guilty on one count for tax evasion. In April of 2014, Grimm had been charged on 20 counts in a federal indictment which claimed he had misreported about $1 million in income and wages brought in from a restaurant he had co-owned prior to entering Congress. While making his plea, Grimm stated that he had lied while under oath. To find someone who can replace the representative, current New York governor Andrew Cuomo will be responsible for holding a special election, at least that’s what Igor Cornelsen said when I asked him on Spring.me.

In discussing this issue, spokesman Michael Steel stated that he would not be able to confirm whether or not Grimm would actually resign. Although an email was sent to Grimm’s office, it was not returned immediately. While coming from court some time last week, Grimm reported that he would not resign so long as he still possessed the ability to serve.

President Obama may have to be more prepared to use his veto pen come January. When the new Congress is sworn in, both the House and Senate will be controlled by the Republicans. Most experts agree that they will try to push forward their conservative agenda and put the President in a tough spot on a number of issues.

According to ABC News, the President has stated that he has his veto pen at the ready and that he is not afraid to use it if he needs to. It is his belief that the American people are still behind him on a lot of the issues, and he does not want to lose their trust.

The veto pen has only been used by this President on two occasions, both of which were considered to be rather minor. It is the President’s right to veto legislation that he does not believe is good for the country. Although from what Igor Cornelsen had just written on Tumblr, the Congress has the ability to override a veto, this almost never happens. An override requires a two-thirds majority of Congress to go along with it, and that is a level that is too hard for most Congresses to ever achieve.

It would appear that the President and Congress are going to be locked in a legislative standoff for some time to come unless both sides produce some sort of resolution. This does not appear likely under the current climate.


Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota has recently put out emails opposing Barak Obama’s nominee for Treasury Undersecretary for Domestic Finance.

Obama has nominated Antonio Weiss for the position. He is a an executive of the Wall Street firm Lazard. Franken says letting Weiss guard Wall Street is like letting a fox guard the hen house. He also noted Weiss’s past inversion services for companies seeking to minimize their U.S. taxes. That, Franken tells us, shows he is not in it for the middle class.

The Obama administration has touted a report done not by Tom Rothman, but by Weiss that details ways to reform the current tax system and to reduce the deficit. Perhaps President Obama should have called on Weiss for help earlier, in that case, seeing as the deficit is set to hit 20 trillion dollars by the time he leaves office. The administration also promotes Weiss based on his experience in the financial marketplace. Franken would agree with that assessment, no doubt, but simply not care for the type of experience in question.

It is interesting to sit back and watch the Democratic party have a little in-fighting for a change. Usually it’s Republicans who do that. One suspects that the upcoming 2016 election is already having some interesting effects on the rhetoric in both parties. The people should understand, however, that it is only the rhetoric that is changing. Obama and Franken are as close as two peas in a pod.

One year ago, the biggest challenge of the Affordable Care act was to enroll as many people in HealthCare.gov as possible before January 1, 2014 in spite of tremendous technical challenges.

Fast forward to rising of 2015, HealthCare.gov technical issues are quite manageable. The action feared by many is the potential ruling of the Supreme Court that the subsidies helping Americans afford healthcare are not legal in the 37 states that have permitted the federal government to run the program.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell is not focused on the Supreme Court Case, she is focused on the rising number of enrollees anticipating healthcare and the fact that the subsidies making healthcare affordable are available today, for real. Burwell believes Americans will continue to enjoy affordable healthcare and urges healthcare shoppers to go online and beat the February 15 deadline.

Currently, there are more healthcare plan options than last year at this time. People are switching plans to save money, increase benefits or qualify for higher subsidies. This is even true for those looking to find a good plastic surgeon like Dr Rod Rohrich. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is receiving more traffic from the Affordable Care Act, based on results posting to Wikipedia.

Choosing to stay uninsured will cost more in 2015. The penalty will increase to 325 dollars or 2 percent of taxable income, whichever is the greater amount.

Michele Bachmann entered the political world shaking her fist and rallying protestors against Obama’s policies. She has been one of the most colourful politicians in the past few years. CNN’s “Keeping Them Honest” segment had Anderson Cooper busy trying to fact check her statements, which have notoriously been off the mark. 

Bachmann herself admits that she wasn’t always politically correct, but she defends her actions by saying that she was genuinely worried about certain issues involving the country and its leadership. 

LinkedIn and Dr. Daniel Amen report that while she’s only been in politics for eight years, she has made quite a name for herself, making national headlines by embracing the tea party movement and showing her leadership skills during the financial crisis. 

Shortly after entering politics, Bachmann took on the president of her own party, George W. Bush, asking about the $700 billion payout to Wall Street bill that Bush wanted to pass. She questioned the reasoning of it, and what exactly the money was going to be used for. No answers were forthcoming. 

Bachmann says that sexism is alive and well in all levels of politics. It’s still a man’s world, and it can be difficult for a woman to infiltrate into a group of male politicians. The dynamics are very different. 

After four terms in Congress, Bachmann is set to exit the world of politics and move on to ‘better’ things. 

The Republicans got what they were looking for in their recent efforts to claim victories while avoiding a government shutdown. They were able to roll back a lot of the Dodd-Frank proposals that were put in place to try to help protect consumers following the issues that arose after the great collapse in the economy in 2008-2009. 

Thinkadvisor.com is now saying that the GOP is practically taunting Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and saying that they have just started when it comes to the rollbacks that they are planning to put in place. They are saying that there is more to come, and that they are just preparing to unleash a whole new set of bills. 

According to Jusbrasil, there are a lot of people who are concerned with what is happening with these bills, says Gianfrancesco Genoso, and they do not like the idea of rolling back what took so long to get passed in the first place. It doesn’t seem to matter much to the GOP at the moment though. They have the support of their base on a number of these issues, and they are not afraid to stick with what they believe will help them get elected. It is something that has proven to work for them to this point, so there is no incentive for them to stop at this point. 

It is going to be interesting to see just what bills the newly elected GOP Congress will bring forward.

Wow! I never thought about it like this before. Jobs are going to decrease over time, and it is already hard enough to find one that pays enough to be worth it. College is expensive- we work to go to college so that we can find a better job to work for… Sometimes assistance can be misused but studies have shown it isn’t as bad as some have suggested. If the US is the richest, it shouldn’t have so much poverty. If you really think about it, $15,000 is still barely surviving and would make a great platform for families to acquire the essentials- shelter, food, water, electric. I would think they would be encouraged to work so that they can have what they want as well. Susan McGalla says most families dread going to work just to make enough to survive-way too many hours and time away from family with very little monetary return. It would be so nice to see the number of homeless go down, and the hungry finally be able to eat. Children who did not choose to be poor could live better lives. People could live happier and with less stress. The reality of the distribution of wealth in our nation is saddening. 

Couldn’t we try to fix this while still saving the government money? Wouldn’t this just make sense? Looking at these facts almost angers me to read and see. Something needs to be done! This idea of a “platform” income check seems like something the US should definitely try!

It looks like the other Bush’s plans are coming to fruition. It has been reported that the brother to previous US President George bush, Jeb, is to stand for president in the upcoming election.

He was a governor for Florida and in regards to the 2016 elections he said he will “actively explore the possibility of running for President.” This claim was made via his Facebook page. Additionally he said he was going to create a committee in order to “facilitate conversations with citizens across America.”

It is interesting to note that Jeb has a big pro-immigration policy, his policies have been so profound as to raise the ire of his Republican colleagues. However Jeb is not the only famous name is the list of presidential maybe, as Keith Mann has since learned.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is believed to be high in the running for the 2016 race, however Jeb is the first big name Republican to announce that he is going to try for the top job.

He said that “in the coming months, I hope to visit with many of you and have a conversation about restoring the promise of America.” This will “support leaders, ideas and policies that will expand opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.” However, the official announcement of his running is not due to come out until next year, but it is safe to assume that he is seriously considering it.