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Will Ambitious Republicans Be Pressured Into Benghazi Investigations?

Will Ambitious Republicans Be Pressured Into Benghazi Investigations?

Republicans in the Senate are currently being pressured by their friends to get involved with the Benghazi investigations that have thus far been investigated by the House of Representatives. The Senate Republicans who may have Presidential ambitions seem to want to avoid the issue as they feel that it may be something that is not going to play well with a national electorate Susan McGalla feels.

However, some in the House are eager to have a little support in their pursuit of this Benghazi case. They will have to have the support of the Senate Republicans they believe to gain some legitimacy for what they are doing. This is why they have been applying pressure to the Senate Republicans to support the Benghazi investigations.

The Hill is reporting that at least Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul are feeling the heat to get behind the Benghazi investigations. All three of these individuals are rising stars in their party of course, and there is a lot of speculation that some or perhaps all three of them will run for President in 2016. Considering this, each must weight his options and the potential benefits versus the risks that come with pushing hard on the Benghazi situation.

Many would probably prefer to focus on other issues and avoid things that could cause potential controversy before the election cycle has even started.