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Republicans Respond With Lawsuit For Obama

Republicans Respond With Lawsuit For Obama

Earlier this year, before the election season came into full swing, House Speaker John Boehner threatened President Obama with a lawsuit over his healthcare bill that was enacted in 2010. While the lawsuit never came to fruition, it hung in the air as a looming threat, as Obama entered his sixth year as president. In the end, Boehner and Republicans decided that the lawsuit was not in their best interest, at least until midterm elections had come and gone and now that they have, it appears they are ready to take action.


Republicans filed a lawsuit Friday challenging the implementation of the healthcare bill and it comes at a rather interesting time. The general public, like Jared Haftel, does not understand what this will exactly mean in the end. It’s hard to look past the fact that on Thursday night, the president announced that he would be taking executive action on immigration reform and that Friday morning, the lawsuit over his healthcare bill finally happened.


Given that the president went around Congress to go ahead with immigration reform and now Republicans have decided that the time is right to file suit against him over his signature piece of legislation, it is safe to assume that watching the President and both chambers of (a now Republican majority) Congress work together when the new session begins in January, probably isn’t something the American people can look forward to.