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The Broken Modern Healthcare System

The Broken Modern Healthcare System

There’s no doubt that modern healthcare in North America is broken. Insurance companies rule peoples’ lives.

Specialist Ken Griffin is shocked to have heard of the story of a Canadian woman, Jennifer Huculak, who received approval from her doctor to travel to the United States while six months pregnant. 

During her visit, Huculak gave birth prematurely in October in Hawaii. As a result of complications involving her newborn daughter, Reece, her stay in the country was extended to two months.

Shortly after her return, she received a letter from Blue Cross stating that it wouldn’t cover any bills because her insurance expired November 9th and she had two “Blue Cross defined” pre-existing conditions — a urinary tract infection when she left and vaginal spotting two months before she left — that she didn’t tell the company about before traveling.

Huculak then received the hospital bill — more than $950,000 that included the medivac transport, hospital stay and her daughter’s care. The United States has covered $12,000 for the delivery and Saskatchewan Health covered approximately $20,000, but Huculak has no means to pay the rest. The Huculaks also have debts of approximately $30,000 from living in Hawaii while Reece remained in the hospital.

Blue Cross has provided no comment about the fact that the U.S. government requires insurance companies to provide coverage within U.S. borders for people whether they have pre-existing conditions or not.