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Could Elizabeth Warren Be The Real Choice Of The Democratic Left?

Could Elizabeth Warren Be The Real Choice Of The Democratic Left?

So much speculation in the media has been that Hillary Clinton is going to become the Democratic nominee for President in 2016. This is despite the fact that Clinton has yet to announce if she is even going to run for President. That hasn’t stopped a lot of the polling groups and mainstream media from practically announcing that she will be the nominee. Now though, some liberal groups are pushing back with polling of their own.

A CNN report pointed out that some liberal groups have done their own internal polling and found that those who identify themselves as liberals or progressives are more in favor of Elizabeth Warren as their candidate for 2016. The far left leaning Warren has been applauded for her efforts to reign in the excesses of Wall Street and create a more equal playing field for the middle class. At the same time, many on the left do not feel as though Hillary Clinton would do enough to promote liberal values.

In the polls done by some liberal organizations Hillary Clinton is not even second choice for Democrats. That was a bit of new news to Marc Sparks. In fact she falls behind Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. If these polls are true, then it could be an interesting primary season for the Democrats as well as the Republicans as they try to position their party to win the White House. The only question is who will win.