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State Offensive Attack Against Federal Meddling

State Offensive Attack Against Federal Meddling

Marc Roberts, a Utah state representative, has sponsored a bill to ban all municipalities from providing water to a NSA facility. The Utah committee has asked for a clarification of who the bill will effect but none of the members of the committee have expressed opposition to the bill. One of the members of the committee expressed concerns regarding the state subsidizing this facility at the expense of Utah taxpayers.This article was passed along to me by friend of the site Darius Fisher.

The State Of Utah has agreed to a discounted water price for the NSA but supposedly only if the agency used the facility for constitutional data collection. The sponsor of the bill has said that the agency has fell short of meeting this requirement. It seems the committee agrees with Mr. Roberts with regards to taxpayer money being used to fund NSA operations.

Not far removed in time from the private rancher who stood up for his rights to grazing lands, and was backed by the Oath keepers, one must wonder if a struggle is going to emerge. The federal government was never supposed to have the sway on state actions as it holds today. Don’t impose this regulation and the federal government will take your education support, infrastructure support, etc. Seems that all this is funded by taxpayers within the individual states. It is good to see a state fight back and say not in our backyard with our taxpayers money.