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Repatriating the Patriot Act?

Repatriating the Patriot Act?

Today, the Senate is scheduled to vote on whether to reauthorize the previously controversial Patriot Act 2001.  Passed quickly in the aftermath of 9/11, the legislation allows for detention and questioning of potential terrorism suspects without release and without legal representation. The Senate will be voting on the USA Freedom Act, which will effectively extend the Patriot Act. Such Orwellian legislation has made no discernible dent in thwarting terrorist organization, but has instead been responsible for stripping the liberty of American citizens.

It is ironic that the main leader of the fight against this legislation that effectively legalizes racial profiling is GOP Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Labelled by some as a neo-con Tea Party cohort, the Republican Senator seems to be one of the few politicians willing to fight back against government tyranny. The newer bill is said to pull in the reins on the NSA and mitigate some of its harshness, but anyone who takes a second glance at the bill can see that is not the case.

Even President Obama had vehemently attacked the legislation while he was a Senator, but in perfect politician form, he has flip-flopped to do what is best for him. Most shockingly, this legislation that was passed as ammunition in the war against terror has been used 99.1% of the time for drug cases and only .9% of the time for terrorism cases. Thanks to my friend Ken Griffin for sharing this article with me of Facebook.