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Can Republicans Impede Immigration Reform?

Can Republicans Impede Immigration Reform?

Democratic leaders in the Senate strongly support President Barack Obama’s plans to issue an executive order to reform the immigration system of the United States.

A letter signed by six key lawmakers, including Majority Leader Harry Reid says the suspension of the deportation of people with strong ties to the United States would help the economy and American workers.

The letter comes at a time when Obama seems doomed to act to extend the protections of deportation to five million immigrants living illegally in the US.

Congressional Republicans have expressed anger at the immigration plans, and are debating how to obstruct the president.

The signed letter expresses strong support from Democrats to an executive order of President Senate leaders. Obama postponed its plans to issue that order earlier this year by electoral considerations for Democrats.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are immersed in an intense debate about how to respond to the impending enforcement action Obama and GOP leaders are eager to implement. Republicans are trying to design a solution that meets the needs of its more conservative members, without bringing a paralysis in government activities.

Some sectors have pressured the House to draft their own immigration reform, something they have not done in the last two years, to show that they are serious about action, and to anticipate the actions of President Obama.

Another option would be to pass a law to force a temporary budget until next year, when the Republican Party takes control of the Senate, to assess whether the Republicans can use their control of resources as a tool of pressure the president.

Obama’s announcement will happen very soon. The President seeks exemption from deportation to about five million immigrants who are in the country without legal authorization. Thanks to friend of the site Gianfranesco Genoso for sending in this news tip.